Samstag, 7. Januar 2017

Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Nail Art & handcrafted vintage Jewelry

Perfect Combination 😊

Frances --> RescuedOfferings  
handmade unique Vintage Art Jewelry 
combined with green Shadows Nail Art

Take a look and Love it 💓

Do you Love Bulldogs?

I DO 💓

and BEING Normal is BORING 😂

Pantone Color 2017 combined with Silver Jewelry

Perfect Color Combo for 2017
Pantone Color and Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry
from: Blingsense

Let me know, if you Love 💓 it

Great Fashion and Art from Annabellerockz Art & Fashion

She does really a great Job! 
and don´t forget to visit her Fashion Shop 💒

with really unique stuff you want to wear

Valentine with Fabian Diamonds

Another great 💎DIAMOND💎 Shop


Wonderful unique Rings 💍 for your  💓LOVE 💓

Dragon Breath

💓  It´s my ART for Dragons 💓

Love them so much

Who love my Art Set too? 

Vanity Heart

My african Art Idea for Vanity Contest

Happy Friday to all 💓😎

Valentine with AMYKJEWELS - Opal Jewelry

*Happy Valentine *
Don´t forget...time is running 

Perhaps a wonderful OPAL Gift for your Love? *
Look at Amys Shop:

My Sunday Fun for you

Hope it makes you SMILE 

Diamonds are forever

Love Rose Gold and Diamonds
anyone too?

Green and Blush

created this Set with Green and Blush
Love my Idea with the Dog ;) 

Pantone Color 2017

Fresh Color 2017